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  • How do I connect my wearable reliably to Android and iOS?

  • How do I maximize battery power while maintaining a connection?

  • How can I achieve a low power network of sensors?

  • How can I collect and compile real time remote sensing information?

  • How can I add the right display to my project?

  • How do I enable voice commands to my device?

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Today's IoT needs a comprehensive approach of low power, connectivity and speed to be able to deliver fast response time and speed, without seriously compromising battery life.

Sensors need to be correctly used and well adjusted to get desirable accurate information, from accelerometers (AMG), intelligent human sensors, light, temperature, GSP, NFC and others.

Local communication has to be defined and set according to the environment and needs, from Bluetooth low energy, mesh, thread, wifi and others.

Remote data collection units need ways to be self contained in power, and be connected to 2G, 3G, LTE or satellite.

Along with all this, displays, camera, mobile apps, cloud and voice control will produce the device UX/UI desired experience.

Architecture/design of system, board, firmware, FPGA, cabling using DFM/DFT rules.



Hardware Specialties

  • Architecture/design of system, board, firmware, FPGA, cabling using DFM/DFT rules.
  • Design entry, simulation, layout, component qualification and sourcing
  • Bring-up, debug using lab equipment, JTAG, scripts. Work w/SW and ASIC groups.
  • Design validation testing (DVT – timing, margin, SI), four corners testing.
  • Mechanical integration – 3D tight fits, shielding, mating checks, shock and vibe.
  • Manufacturing test specs (ICT, environmental/burn-in, functional test) and overseas transfer
  • Safety/emissions compliance design, testing - UL, CISPR 22B, and FCC part 15, 68.
  • Post-production documentation, performance tuning and cost reductions.

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